Monday, October 22, 2007

Classic Auto Cars - Restoration

Classic Auto Cars - Restoration

By Robin Shortt

Do you have an old car you think is ready for the scrap heap? It could be a classic auto car that could be restored to its original condition. To find out if it is a classic, do a search on the internet.

Old classics are hard to come by. If you happen to have one you could restore it yourself, or sell it to a collector and let them restore it. Its funny how when someone says they have an old classic car in the back forty and somebody asks to look at it, as soon as the owner thinks someone is interested in their piece of junk.

Dollar signs dance around in their head. Don't worry a classic car collector already knows the value of your classic car, so don't think you can put one over on him. Anyway, classic auto cars are dwindling in numbers and the more we save and restore now, the more we will be able to enjoy with our children and grand children years later .

Think about all the cars that are around now, they pretty much all look the same. The old classic auto cars have a personality all their own. If you can help someone restore one of these cars by selling it to them at a good price. Then we all benefit don't we. If you want sell your car there are plenty of websites on the internet that will help you with this.


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