Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Classic Car Shows

Auto Shows - How to Behave and the Correct Etiquette to Follow

By David Braybrooke

Antique and classic car shows, being public events, require that participants practice good etiquette, that is showing respect for others and others' property. Certain rules and regulations should be followed by all participants in order to promote an enjoyable and harmonious event.

Some specific etiquette suggestions:

* No touching displayed vehicles without the express permission of the owners.

* Don't make loud, insulting remarks about others' cars.

* Park wisely and respect the space requirements of other participants.

* Always practice good behavior as you would in any other public space.

* Take care that all-weather covers and tenting used doesn't impede others or scratch neighboring vehicles.

* Dress appropriately for a public event; anything too skimpy or revealing will not be suitable in a family friendly environment.

* Keep the volume of stereo systems down to an acceptable level.

* Do not feel tempted to offer unsolicited valuations of any vehicles.

* Keep any dogs on a leash; never let them run loose and be in danger of damaging displayed vehicles.

* Supervise children at all times.

* Take care with food and beverages, spillages can easily damage paint and leather-work.

* Keep any antique or classic car that you are showing in supreme condition, show some pride!

At antique and classic car shows, the value of the displayed vehicles can be substantial; many owners have devoted long hours of care and attention to their beloved motoring treasures so it is a good idea for all participants to be aware of the importance of others' property. Make friends of the other participants by showing respect for them at all times.

Happy motoring!

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I would have to agree with this assessment. I know when I go to car show I take my camera and never touch any of the mighty fine vehicles on display. If you had any bad experiences at a classic auto show, please could you leave a comment. Hope you had a great classic vehicle season.

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