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Is Driving A Classic Car Daily The Best Bet

Is Driving A Classic Car Daily The Best Bet

I know over the years of driving old cars, I didn't find them to be very reliable. I thought I was getting a
good deal when I bought them, until the repair bills started mounting up.

Here Is An Excerpt From A Yahoo Q&A That Explains It Well :

"For high school I had a 1969 camaro ss "clone" 4 speed. I don't want to sugar coat my answer, and will say I would not have changed my choice at all, but it's no picnic using these cars as a daily driver. The positives were it was my first car, it gets attention every where you go, and it will never lose it's value. Some cons I ran into are it's not like a normal car you can't just jump in, and go like a fuel injected car. The one huge problem I ran into is that the car would constantly overheat & die. With mine I would constantly have to rev it to keep it running, and when ever I parked I would have to wait 45-60 mins till it cooled."

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 Here Is A Good Video About Being Able To Drive Classic Cars Daily

" How does a NYC car club with 300+ members keep its fleet of quirky classics alive on the mean streets? By following a few simple rules -- and always being ready for a heroic rescue. It's the premiere of Jalopnik on Drive with Michael Prichinello and Zac Moseley from Classic Car Club Manhattan."

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Here's Another Way To Keep Your Classic For Daily Use

 "Spring is finally here. What perfect time to drag that classic car you have been procrastinating on out of the garage so you can take her on the road again. Maybe your plan is to make the occasional weekend trip in the old car a longer one, or maybe you just want to cruise more frequently. The only problem? You’re not really comfortable with getting too far from home or your trusted mechanic? Well have no fear! We are here to share a few simple ways to achieve a more reliable and comfortable ride so you can have more time with your baby."

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  Having your very own classic car to drive on a daily basis would be great if you can afford to. I know I need a good reliable car to get me back and forth to work. I can always fix a classic up for car shows and some driving in the summer.

What are your thoughts about it?
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