Sunday, November 26, 2006

Classic Auto Trader

Classic Auto Trader

What is classic auto trader anyway? It's all about classic cars old and newer. It's for people looking for that awesome classic beauty or vintage or older car.

The real bargains are in the pre-owned market, this means someone else has taken the brunt of the depreciation of an old classic so you can restore it. A good project car that is easy on the pocket book could be a Triumph or Fiat.

These cars are often found for under 2000.00 dollars. The parts are easy to find as well. There are lots of sports car clubs to help you find resources and support. Remember these cars are real projects and are more for show than for driving.

Where can you find these gems at an affordable price? Try the classifieds, free weekly papers, trade magazines like auto trader which has comprehensive and up to date listings with people looking for specific cars they want to buy.

One thing that auto trader has that most others don't are, listings for car parts and accessories. You can even find parts for the older types of cars that parts are hard to find for. This is the most ideal magazine for collectors to get the parts they need, to keep their machines in tip-top condition.

Another great source is of course the internet. It is the most complete source you will find information for on any subject and selling your car is definitely no exception. Online you will find car clubs on most any type of car and usually have forums and message boards.

All you will need to do is sign up. The internet can also be used to compare prices. One good source that has vehicle values listed is Kelly Blue Book. Don't forget that auction giant eBay.

You can find out what vehicles in the same condition as yours are currently selling for. When buying a vehicle always check the mileage and the kind of condition the car is in, for future assessment of its resale value. I have some things to say about Antique And Vintage Cars and Classic Vehicle Transporters, but that will have to be for other articles. That`s about all I have to say about Classic Auto Trader for now.

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