Saturday, March 17, 2007

Classic Vehicle Transporters

Some Basic Facts About Finding And Using Classic Vehicle Transporters

By Robin Shortt

There are many classic car transport companies offering worldwide vehicle transportation solutions to individuals. A lot of these transporters require the vehicle to be driven up ramps to be loaded and do not have a way to tow it into place.

Not only does enclosed transport protect the vehicle from road debris, weather and exhaust, but it also provides more security as the driver may stay overnight in some areas.

These classic car transport companies do their best to employ only professional drivers that are experienced handlers of antique and exotic cars. Some of the more popular trailer options for secure classic car transport are:

six-car enclosed trailers, four-car enclosed trailers, and two-car non-stacking enclosed trailers. A lot of auto transporters of classic vehicles offer to deliver from door-to-door or to you the customer. Many of these companies will accept non-running vehicles as well.

While searching for a company to move your vehicle, ask if classic and vintage vehicle transport is what their main activity is. As well ask them if they contract out transporting to a third party.

You should only deal with companies that focus mainly with classic vehicle transport. Also to protect yourself and vehicle, make sure their insurance coverage is the best available.

When transporters give a time frame for delivery they will give you a shipment window rather than an axact date. If you’re lucky enough to get an exact date, get it in writing.

You should also check over your transporters records. What are the offers and guarantees they are offering. If after you've looked over everything thourghly, and everything looks good, use them to transport your classic beauty.

Finding a classic transporter that’s exceptional shouldn't be too hard to find. The fact that you have a lot of the basic facts before you, should make this task a lot easier.

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